Pre-Conference Reading

  1. Creative TEACHING ideas and innovations, what next? In this #MICER17 pre-reading, Suzanne Fergus introduces some of the concepts she will expore in her session. Further reading is available in the references below and Suzanne requests that you leave some comments via the Padlet link below. Register for MICER here.
  2. What’s not to Likert – a question of scale(s) In this #MICER17 pre-reading, Stewart Kirton introduces his thoughts on Likert scales.
  3. Evaluating (and changing) classroom practice: Orla Kelly introduces her session on action research in the classroom.
  4. Interviews for data collection In this #MICER17 pre-reading, Graham Scott talks about interviews.
  5. Of course you are ethical, aren’t you? Keith Taber introduces his session on ethical considerations in education research.
  6. Any problems? Any solutions? Georgios Tsaparlis introduces his session on problem solving in chemistry.