MICER19 Poster Session

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MICER19 will again have an online poster session. The idea is that you will prepare a poster or graphic summarising some aspect of your work in chemistry education research: perhaps it could be a summary of some work you have done (with a focus on methods). Or it might be something you have been reading about and want to share it to see if others are interested in the same topic. There are lots of options; the main outcome is that it provides another platform to share your interests and find others who wish to discuss or collaborate with you on those interests. The emphasis is on discussion, either online in advance of the meeting or in the coffee and lunch breaks on the day itself.

Poster presenters attending the meeting will get a chance to identify themselves to fellow participants so that conversations on the day can progress.

Submitting your Poster

Posters should be submitted to michael.seery@ed.ac.uk. They should be sent as a JPG file (use Save As in PowerPoint), along with an accompanying abstract/ description/ discussion topics, depending on how you want people to interact with your poster. Posters will be displayed in a poster gallery on the website. They will remain there in perpetuity unless you instruct us to remove them after the meeting. Please let us know if you need technical assistance in producing the poster.

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