Poster 9: How to develop the questionnaire for interpreting chemical equations through the system thinking loop #MICER22

Asih Widi Wisudawati and Hans-Dieter Barke

The system thinking lens is one of the breakthroughs in meaningful chemistry
learning that might improve student engagement in solving environmental
problems. Several efforts have been conducted to infuse system thinking into
chemistry learning and its materials. The development of the learning
material, however, especially diagnostic instruments for start-ups, remains
open. Further, this study provides a questionnaire developed by 4C
(Characterize, Construct, Cultivate, and Circulate) methods. The instrument
might be potential for starting learning or laboratory activities. This tool aimed
to reveal students’ mental models of interpreting chemical equations at the
particle level. Thinking at the molecular level is a prerequisite of system
thinking. Three primary system thinking skills were adapted from CHEMIST
tools by York and Orgill (2020) to address eight chemical equations. As a
result, three developed skills in interpreting chemical equations are (1)
recognizing the system as a whole by the ability to investigate all species within
chemical equations; (2) examining the relationship between parts of the
system and their interconnection by the ability to identify particle interaction;
(3) identifying variable that causes system behavior by the ability to determine
whether proton or electron transferred.

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