#MICER21 Day 1: It’s good to text – Conducting Qualitative Interviews through Instant Messaging and E-mail

Dr Anna K. Wood – 28th of May, MICER21 day 1

Interviews are one of the key data collection methods in qualitative chemistry education research. These are generally carried out face-to-face (in pre-covid times), or via video conferencing software such as Skype or Teams. A much less common option, but one which is worth considering is text-based communication such as instant messaging. This offers advantages compared to voice based interviews; greater accessibility, no need for transcribing, more time to think about responses, but also has disadvantages such as a lack of body language. In this session we will discuss how (and why) to design research that uses text based qualitative interviews and offer practical tips for getting the most out of this form of data collection.




Anna Wood

After gaining a PhD from Durham University Anna Wood spent the next few years working in engineering, chemistry and physics departments around the country designing biosensors. In 2013 she completed an MSc in E-learning at the University of Edinburgh and since then has been conducting education research with particular interests in the use of technology in large lecture theatre classes in science education.

Author: KJHaxton

Katherine Haxton @kjhaxton is a senior lecturer in Chemistry at Keele University. Her research interests range from the use of diagnostic tests to support more effective teaching through to the impact of workload on student achievement.

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