#MICER21: Registration: Wait list!

Methods in Chemistry Education Research (MICER) is normally a one day meeting focussing on the how to of education research. For 2021, in response to the global pandemic, MICER remains online and will be a series of two symposia. Anybody with an internet connection may join our conference, but you must register using the link below.

A series of invited speakers share insights into education research methods behind their publications; identifying strategies and explaining the rationale for their approaches. The focus of the sessions is to empower others to adopt particular research approaches in their own research through a combination of providing exemplars, discussion led activities, and links to further readings. All speakers at MICER are invited, and provide pre-reading in advance of the day so that participants can prepare for topics of particular interest to them.

A call for posters will be circulated shortly and you are invited to submit posters for either session of #MICER21 based around the themes for the day.

Registration – wait list

MICER21 is free to attend however places are limited to 200 per session. If you register but cannot attend, please let me know so I can make the space available to someone else who’d love to come.

If you would like a spot on the waiting list, please drop me an email: k.j.haxton@keele.ac.uk and let me know whether it is for day 1, day 2 or both.


Session 1: Friday 28th May (11 AM – 4.30 PM BST)
Chemistry Education Research in the time of COVID

The focus of session 1 is to consider the radical shift to our research methods brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a series of speakers who have used research methods appropriate to remote deployment or who have investigated the impacts of the shifts in teaching methods on our students. The day will end with a discussion panel where we will consider the research questions that remain unanswered about this time, and the methodologies we might use to address them. We’ll also have some suggestions on how to adapt existing projects. Our speakers:

Field M. Watts and Solaire Finkelstadt-Quinn, University of Michigan

Anna K. Wood, University of Edinburgh

Kathryn Kloepper and Laura Simon, Mercer University

Russell Pearson, Keele University

Liz Coppard, Oxford Brooks University

Session 2: Friday 11th June (11AM – 4.30 PM BST)
Chemistry Education Research in a post-COVID world

In session two we will think beyond the current restrictions we face. What methodologies and research questions will we continue to investigate, and what will be new? Our speakers will address research methodologies across a range of dimensions including equality and diversity and working with undergraduate research students. Our speakers:

Kristy Turner, University of Manchester and Bolton School for Boys

Michael Seery, ex of University of Edinburgh and Independent Scholar

Paulette Vincent-Ruz, University of Michigan

Elizabeth Yuriev, Monash University

Meeting Chair: Dr Katherine Haxton

Author: KJHaxton

Katherine Haxton @kjhaxton is a senior lecturer in Chemistry at Keele University. Her research interests range from the use of diagnostic tests to support more effective teaching through to the impact of workload on student achievement.

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