#MICER19 Poster: Student education projects: perennial challenges by @kjhaxton

To discuss, please use the comment area below or tweet @kjhaxton on Twitter using #MICER19

Discussion points:

  1. What have you found effective in supporting students embarking on their first chemistry education research project?
  2. How do you adapt assessment criteria and processes to ensure equity with ‘traditional’ projects?
  3. How do you inspire and motivate students who have selected these projects from a desire to avoid laboratory work, rather than a desire to do a chemistry education project?


How do we best support others in carrying out education research projects? For many of us, we’ve won the battle to offer education projects but then face many more challenges in guiding our students in new methodologies, different types of data collection, ethical considerations, and all the rest. It is a difficult transition for students, and hard for supervisors who are also learning. I have developed 2 x 2 hour  taught workshop sessions to go through the basics with my students, including thematic analysis based on Dr Barry Ryan’s presentation at MICER 2018, but I feel that more is needed so I’m turning to crowd sourcing.




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