Poster: Developing opportunities for online collaboration, peer-feedback and skills development at a distance

Questions for discussion

  1. How do we overcome reluctance of students to comment on each other’s work?
  2. Some students do not want to take part in collaborative work – how much should be mandatory?
  3. How does this tool align with other online collaborative tools (e.g. forums, synchronous meeting rooms)?
  4. Use of the tool within science at the OU is generally limited to pre-defined activities – should we encourage wider use for students to create (and share) their own resources?


To join the discussion please use the comments section at the end of the post.

Poster for Micer 2018 Final_A3

Keywords: online, communication skills, data presentation, peer-feedback, critical evaluation, posters, distance learning.

A number of Open University (OU) modules are exploring the use of the ‘OpenStudio’ tool, an online graphical interface similar to ‘Pinterest’, as a means to develop valuable employability skills such as communicating science and critical evaluation.  Although the activities work well for many students, other students still struggle to engage in a timely manner and to fully complete the tasks even when they are linked to assessment.

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