Pre-Reading 5: Naomi Hennah – action research in the classroom

Naomi Hennah is a school teacher and will be presenting a “report from practice“, giving us a glimpse on some of her research in progress. Naomi also has a poster at MICER18 (see here).

MICER talk

Dialogic pedagogy offers the opportunity for our learners to think and reason together. To be effective there must be clear guidelines and well-structured activities, these tools are provided by oracy.  I aspire to better engage students using speaking and listening praxis with all aspects of their chemistry education from practical work, identifying and challenging miscomprehension to developing competence and confidence in moving between the different representations. In my talk I will outline my research approach and give an overview of doing research in the classroom. I have a MICER poster and a recent publication that gives some overview of my research interests.


I began my teaching career 15 years ago having successfully completed the Graduate Teaching Programme and gained Qualified Teacher Status. I trained as a science teacher with a chemistry specialism that included both A level and vocational teaching. I have remained in public sector schools ever since and currently work at Northampton School for Boys.

Working initially with Gifted and Talented students I used Cognitive Ability Tests to map students’ skills. It became evident that some of our strongest science students were significantly less competent at verbal reasoning and needed further support. The question of how to provide that support forms the focus of my action research.


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