Poster: Investigating learner perceptions and attainment after using the flipped classroom in foundation chemistry classes

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MICER Poster 2018 BAllan

Foundation Chemistry is part of a one year Foundation Science course that attracts learners from a range of abilities and backgrounds, and by its nature is fast-paced and content driven often leaving learners little time to develop an understanding of the concepts studied. A fully flipped approach was adopted for one topic on the course with the aim of improving understanding and attainment. This involved completion of an online Moodle lesson followed by a collaborative, learner centred problem solving class. Initial statistical analysis of exam grades of the cohort experiencing the flipped class compared to those of previous cohorts, where the topic was delivered in a traditional lecture style format, indicate a significant improvement in understanding of the concepts delivered. Indeed, the attainment results and learner feedback illustrate that more time should be dedicated to flipping other topics on the course to see if a similar impact can be achieved.

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