#MICER17 Participant Reflection 3

Have you thoughts to share on #MICER17? If so, please send me a link to your own blog or the text to post it directly onto this website. Reflections are welcome from those who attended on the day and those who followed the conference on Twitter. 

From: https://handwavingchemistry.wordpress.com/

“On Friday 19th May, it was the second annual Methods In Chemistry Education Research conference, held once more at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London and run by Michael Seery. Again, the conference was a great opportunity to learn about and discuss the tools, methods, and philosophies used when conducting research into chemistry education. It was particularly great to see an increasing number of chemistry education researchers at the postgraduate level, and there will be a specific satellite meeting for these folks at ViCE/PHEC in August!”

Patrick has a series of posts planned – at the moment you can read:

An overview summary: tl;dr: https://handwavingchemistry.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/micer17-conference-reflections/

Reflections on Suzanne Fergus: https://handwavingchemistry.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/micer17-reflection-1-suzanne-fergus/

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